Ready to take the First Leap?

Do you have an idea for creating a social
impact business?

We’re excited to announce that applications for our First Leap Programme are now open!

Join us to transform your innovative ideas into market-validated projects that can make a real difference. The programme will prioritize projects promoting Social Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability.

Apply now and take advantage of
free-of-charge and priceless expertise to transform your idea
 into reality.

Closing date: 9th June 2024.


About you:

  • You are an individual or a team exploring a social or environmental problem with the intention of creating a social impact business.
  • You are ambitious with strong leadership skills.
  • You are locally based and able to be present physically in the scheduled full-day workshops as per programme calendar.
  • You are seeking expert guidance and are open to coaching.
  • You have not been pre-incubated under NSIS before.

About your project:

  • You have a good understanding of the social and/or environmental problem
    you want to address.
  • You have an innovative idea or concept that has the potential to have strong local impact.
  • You have an idea of how to achieve financial sustainability.
  • You’re not required to have a prototype or MVP


The following SDGs will be prioritized :

About the First Leap Programme

A 3-month programme that will support you in achieving the following objectives : 

By joining our programme, you’ll gain access to a multitude of benefits that will empower your project, aimed at accelerating your success.

Below the important dates of your journey at Trampoline