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Trampoline, your social enterprise accelerator

Incorporated by the Currimjee Group, Trampoline is a social enterprise accelerator specifically designed to help passionate entrepreneurs grow sustainable impact businesses.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of the most pressing problems faced in Mauritius. By committing the Group’s resources and platforms, we have designed an Impact Accelerator Programme to support, mentor, and connect the most ambitious changemakers who are looking to build next-generation businesses that do well and do good.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are run by entrepreneurs who are changing the world for the better by addressing defined social or environmental problems and improving people’s lives.

Unlike traditional businesses, the aim is to achieve measurable social impact alongside a financial return. Surpluses can be either reinvested or donated to create positive social change.

Our Objectives

As an Impact Accelerator, Trampoline’s primary focus is to speed up the development of social enterprises through a combination of guidance, customised training, and financial support.

Promote entrepreneurship & innovation

Promote entrepreneurship & innovation

Promote social entrepreneurship as a viable and replicable means to solve social and environmental issues in Mauritius.
Combining business success & social change

Combining business success & social change

Make social entrepreneurship an inspiring career path where one can thrive, earn a living and make a meaningful impact in the community.
Scale Impact

Scale Impact

Our goal is to give social entrepreneurs the necessary resources to scale their impact. To do this, our accelerator programme establishes a holistic framework with the goal of providing more clarity and direction on how to move social impact forward.
Generate revenue

Generate revenue

Help organisations scale their impact through earned revenue. We support you to identify strategies to create the best revenue model and increase sales in a way that benefits your mission and society as a whole, meet investors, business angels and create connections that matter.

Are you:

A Social Enterprise

that wants to scale

up and achieve

greater impact?

An NGO seeking to

become financially


An innovative SME

wishing to pivot to

an impact model?

We realise that it can prove challenging to set out to solve a pressing issue while making your organisation financially viable. We, at Trampoline, want to provide you with an enabling environment to channel your organisation towards becoming impactful and financially sustainable.

We Believe In You!

Through our Impact Accelerator Programme, we accompany you on your journey to becoming a sustainable social enterprise. We will provide you with personalised training and workshops, dedicated mentorship and a strong support system to spring your venture to new heights.

Embark on this journey with us and let’s scale up your impact together.

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