Exploring Trampoline's Pre-Incubation Programme with Antish Aubeelock

Dive into the heart of our Pre-Incubation Programme through the insights of our Program Officer, Antish Aubeelock. Discover the core mission, selection criteria, resources, customization, and the remarkable progress achieved by participants.

Mission and Objective

At the core of the Pre-Incubation Programme lies a dedicated mission: empowering social entrepreneurs to shape their ideas into projects that create meaningful impacts. The journey begins with refining concepts and culminates in the transformation of visionary ideas into actionable ventures. Launched in February 2023, the First Leap Programme witnessed  36 participants passionately working on 16 distinct projects.


Catering to Unique Needs

The programme selects individuals who are brimming with innovative ideas aimed at addressing social and environmental challenges. These include:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Those with a deep desire for positive change, armed with creative solutions.
  • NGOs Transitioning: NGOs aiming to transition into social enterprises for sustainable impact.
  • Existing Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs driven to solve societal issues with tangible solutions.

Empowering Resources and Support

Throughout the programme, participants tap into a wealth of resources:

  • Workshops: Over 30 hours of guided sessions providing a structured approach to conceptualize social enterprise models.
  • Tailored Coaching: Weekly personalised coaching, steering participants towards success.
  • Educational Resources: Curated materials focused on social entrepreneurship, enhancing project development.
  • Pitch Night: A platform to present ideas, receive feedback, and gain exposure.
  • Trampoline Visibility: Showcasing projects, fostering connections, and expanding horizons.
  • Networking: Forge connections with like-minded changemakers, fostering collaboration.


These resources form a robust scaffold for transforming ideas into impactful ventures.

Personalised Customisation

Uniqueness is embraced through tailored activities. Participants identify their ‘social entrepreneurship sweet spot, connect with peers, understand target audiences, ideate sustainable models, and craft the social enterprise model. Personalized coaching nurtures their journey, and a treasure trove of resources enhances their path.

Impressive Progress

Participants have achieved remarkable progress, embodying the programme’s essence:

  • Insightful Understanding: Grasping systemic issues and pinpointing audience needs.
  • Research Validation: Challenging assumptions through rigorous primary research.
  • Refined Solutions: Ideating and enhancing solutions, grounded in critical examination.
  • Mission Alignment: Integrating projects with organisational missions and social impact goals.
  • Business Mindset: Exploring revenue streams and sustainable business models.
  • Confident Communication: Elevating pitch skills and effective communication.
  • Supportive Networks: Building alliances and fostering a strong community.


Trampoline’s transformative approach has ushered these achievements by reshaping participants’ thinking patterns and offering a platform for learning, networking, and guidance.

Journey Forward

Participants who excel move to the next phase of incubation: the Springboard Programme. Here, they delve deeper, crafting impactful business plans and launching their social enterprises.Trampoline’s Pre-Incubation Programme has been designed for social entrepreneurs, nurturing ideas into impactful realities. 

Stay tuned for more info about our next Pre-Incubation Programme and more inspiring transformative journeys!


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