How important are pre-incubation programmes?

From idea to social enterprise How important are pre-incubation programmes?

Importance of pre-incubation programmes

Social entrepreneurship can be an extremely rewarding journey but where to start is not always obvious. A great idea is not enough to launch a viable social enterprise and achieve the impact that one would strive to attain. So how do you take an innovative idea to the next level?


The term “incubator” signifies a controlled environment to keep premature infants in an enclosed apparatus during the first, critical days of their life. In the context of social enterprise development, incubators help to transform potential projects into fully-fledged, profitable, and impactful enterprises. A pre-incubation programme acts as a launchpad for ambitious social entrepreneurs who wish to validate their innovative ideas and translate them into a business model.

The aim – Testing one-two, one-two

During a pre-incubation programme, all business and technical aspects of an idea are explored through workshops and masterclasses. These specific training, mentoring and consultancy services are indispensable to early-stage entrepreneurs to prepare them to test, execute and implement their innovative ideas, reducing the risks during the initial period of setting up a company.  This is when they learn the essential steps to set up an accurate and applicable business plan by understanding whether their ideas are viable, marketable, and scalable. As more professional experience is gained, a number of entrepreneurs frequently change or improve their business idea at this stage and turn it into more feasible ones.  The aim is to end up with the right business plan that will help them save money and maximize their chances of success.

The use – Gathering knowledge

From the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship to how to identify the clients and their needs, participants are assisted in framing the social purpose of their enterprise and in understanding what problem they are solving through their products or services. They also get the hang of drafting an effective business plan and learn how to pitch their ideas in a convincing way. By the end of the program, entrepreneurs will have refined their ideas into a project they feel confident to pursue and ready to test their solution with clients. 

The added value – expertise, knowledge, and networking 

Not only do participants gather a wealth of information and experiences, but they also learn to develop their business expertise, and enhance their problem-solving and leadership skills.

They will develop their emotional intelligence, and get access to resources, coaching, and a supportive community that fosters creativity and innovation. Meeting like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs of all stripes will give them a unique opportunity to expand their network of professional contacts.


First Leap Programme 

At Trampoline, we noticed that if the number of creative minds with original projects was ever-growing, the path to follow was not always clear to them. With this in mind, we launched our own pre-incubation programme First Leap, with the aim to nurture and guide social entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into sustainable, impactful projects! Keep an eye open on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to see what we are up to! 


Sneak Peek of our new office!

Sneak Peek of our new office! We are thrilled to announce that our office is

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