Impact Report 2022 : The figures speak for themselves!

Trampoline Impact Report 2022

Could social enterprises make a difference in the social and environmental challenges mankind is facing? We’d argue yes! 

At Trampoline, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to make a real difference in the lives of other people and in its strength in solving social and environmental problems. In fact, we made it our mission to promote social entrepreneurship and to do everything in our power to enable and empower these enterprises to succeed and scale. 

Impact Accelerator Programme 2022 – WE DID IT!

During our comprehensive Impact Accelerator Programme, our participants were given free access to dedicated mentors and advisors, training and coaching, and exclusive opportunities through multiple networking events. 

In our Impact Report 2022, we are proud to share some of our milestones and the achievements and successes of our participants, along with a few inspirational testimonials from our mentors, 28 high-caliber business professionals, impact professionals, and serial entrepreneurs who supported us unconditionally. Discover the ways in which our cohort met the moment and how we tailored our support to help them do so during these past months. 

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“After having participated in the Impact Accelerator Programme, my business is today well structured. I feel more confident in my ability to broaden our product offering, submit larger project proposals, and target the regional market.” Lalita Junggee,  Eco Hustle 300% increase in sales and 5.34 tons of sanitary waste saved

“I was not expecting to have to radically change my business model after starting the program, but when I realized that I could make a much bigger impact, the decision became easier and the plan even more exciting.” Vishesh Gangaram, EVERBLOOM 12,665 m2 land under development and 46 people trained

“We were seeking advice, resources, and networking when we applied for the Impact Accelerator Program. Trampoline exceeded all our expectations and really went deep with our journey. ALL our assumptions were challenged.” Shanil & Sidharta Gannoo, SIDS 90 eco-friendly food packs distributed to NGOs and a 1317% increase in revenue 

“We had no idea how to make the Cafe sustainable. The Impact Accelerator Program, however, provided us with many insights to guide us through this process.”, Darmen Ellayah, APPEL 37% sales increase and 80% decrease in expenses

“Trampoline helped me to realize that in fact, it was vital to go into more depth to find our niche market – those who understand how our product is special, unique, and the great story behind it.” Mujahid Emambokus, MORIVERT

378% increase in sales and 1200+ people sensitized




With the support of the Currimjee Group and our community of mentors and advisors, we have been able to leverage opportunities for our cohort to maximize their impact:

100% Enhanced Social/ Environmental Impact 

100% Increased Customer Base

100% Entered New Market or Increased Market Share


Without further ado, read the full report to dig into our impact data and see what our participants, mentors, and advisors are saying about the impact of our training programme! 

Read the full report here:


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